The Paso Fino Horse...The smoothest riding horse in the world!

Discover the Ultimate Show and Pleasure Horse. Its smooth four beat gait is unsurpassed.  The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace, and elegance.  Modern care and selective breeding have enhanced its beauty, refinement, and its versatility.  Today's Paso Fino horses have

  • Won the North American Wind Rider Challenge Championship.
  • Competed in 100 mile endurance rides.
  • Won competitive trail rides.
  • Won USEF/PFHA sponsored regional, national, and international shows.
  • Won drill team competitions.
  • Been ridden hours on the trail without rider fatigue. No posting required. Just sit back and enjoy the smoothest ride ever.
  • Shown the brilliance of the breed in parades and demonstrations.
  • Been that perfect equine partner for the youth rider.
  • Been trained to drive.
  • Worked cattle.

Welcome to the versatile world of the Paso Fino Horse. The horse for all the right reasons.